Online TV Offers Unique Features And Big Savings

By | January 10, 2010

Tired of paying for broadband television and computer access, too? Want to still catch your favorite programs, but you’d rather do it on your terms? If so, why not watch TV online and save a little money?

It might seem a little unusual, but more and more people are taking their television watching to their computers. The reasons for this are many. When the advantages are considered, it’s no wonder many prefer to watch TV online over other more traditional measures.

The reasons why many watch online rather than investing in cable, DVR recording services and so on include:

* Money savings. Many web sites offer streaming video of regular television programs, movies and more for limited costs. There’s no need to pay for broadband twice in this instance. The computer serves the purpose for both.

* Not owning a decent television. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford a great television and a great computer, too. For those who opt for the PC, it can easily be made to double.

* Freedom of viewing choice. Web sites that offer television programming over the Internet also offer shows from a variety of sources. Want to see the morning news from Russia and then catch a program that’s on in England? You can probably do that depending on the service picked up.

* Ability to record and burn onto DVD for future watching. Many computers are already equipped with DVD burners. Why store bulky VHS tapes of your favorite shows if you can stream onto your computer and record instantly on DVD? It doesn’t make sense to do otherwise.

* Programming on demand. With the number of different options available out there, you can pretty much name a show or movie, find the right site and watch it instantly. There’s no reason to wait for something that’s already recorded to play on a regular subscription service.

* Fast editing abilities. Depending on the streaming service you use and the computer equipment involved, shows can quickly be edited for later viewing. This means commercials from regular television can be taken off or even scenes deemed not appropriate for small children can be cut right on your computer before you burn to DVD.

* Multitasking. This is perhaps the favorite of the college student or office worker with a sneaky set up. But for those who are adept at using computers, work can be ongoing while a small screen plays a favorite show, movie or even music video.

While big screen television set-ups are fantastic, the options available for watching on regular television are pretty limited. This is even the case with many cable systems. Why pay for digital cable and high-speed access both when your computer can double as a great television or at least a recorder for your favorite shows? Just record them, burn them on DVD and pop them into a player to watch on the big screen.

Watching TV online is pretty easy to get started with, too, and it can become quite addictive. Depending on the computer equipment involved and the speed of access to the Internet, the program viewing quality can be improved over regular TV as well.

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