Zig Ziglar

By | November 29, 2012

Zig Ziglar Dies

Zig Ziglar who was an upbeat and very motivational speaker along with being an amazing author has died at 86. He had pneumonia and passed away while in Texas November 2012.
Zig was almost regularly present at quite a few corporate events and played a big role at a variety of conferences for companies such as IBM. Most people knew of Zig Ziglar because of the books and variety of marketing and success products that he sold.

Zig Ziglar

One of Zig Ziglar’s biggest things was that everyone should set goals and deal with adversity head on. He wrote more than 30 books and created a plethora of products that many consumers found to be extremely valuable.

Zig Ziglar was truly an amazing motivational speaker and will be greatly missed, but his marketing products, motivational messages, and more will live on.

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