Land Of The Dead

By | February 28, 2010
Land Of The Dead  Land Of The Dead
Land Of The Dead  Land Of The Dead

Land Of The Dead

I want to post interesting news about Land Of The Dead, I found some sites especially entertainment sites and news discuss about this, here the short summary and picture of Land Of The Dead.
Land Of The Dead – : Diary of the Dead was the biggest flop I’ve ever seen. I actually enjoyed Land of the Dead…Diary on the other hand, was the biggest let down ever. God that movie was horrendous. We’ll see I guess.
BD Horror News – Official One Sheet Debut For George A. Romero’s: Okay, our very own Serena Whitney reviewed the film back at the past Toronto International Film Festival (here) and disliked it, but I love George A. Romero, even Diary of the Dead, which I found superior to Land of the Dead.

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3 thoughts on “Land Of The Dead

  1. dian

    You give good information about this movie. Read this post make help for me to understand this movie and i have plan to watch it. Thanks for share

  2. punyaux

    i know this movies….this like a cartoon not a real,Sorry….where is a vampire / zombie can thinking like a human…??

  3. tluanga

    Yea i have also watch this movei, i think its 3rd class movie. Its quite unreal you know, its definitely looks like cartoon

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