How A Simple Prank Ended A Marriage

By | April 27, 2010

This is really funny…I wasn’t sure this was real at first, but by the end I was.

This prank call starts out almost inoccently when two radio hosts call a woman and tell her that her husband has been fired from his job. The wife goes nuts and starts yelling at the radio hosts – that is until she hears what her husband did. “We caught him doing his secretary on his desk.”

As you’d imagine the wife loses it and says that she’s changing the locks and leaving. The real magic to this call comes at the end when the wife says this piece of classic verbage “Now I don’t feel so bad about f*cking his brother.”

As you’d imagine the radio hosts try to muffle what she said, but it was way too clear. It’s only at this point that they reveal to the wife that her husband had put them up to this as a prank for her birthday.

Well…this is one way to see if your wife is cheating 😉

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