Can the math help you win

By | March 10, 2010

For the majority going through school, the math classes are a form of slow torture. All these tiresome problems to solve and never any obvious relevance to real-world situations. Except, of course, that the theory of probabilities gives you everything you need to know about how to bet effectively. Once you can work out the odds on any given event occurring, you are ahead of the game when it comes to winning. In a sense, gambling is the application of science. But this slightly breaks down because knowing the odds does not guarantee you will win. The actual result of the event is still determined by events outside your ability to control. Whether you win is a matter of luck. So we might conclude that gambling in general is a mixture of science and intangibles like intuition.

Why should this matter? Well, there’s been an interesting case rumbling through the courts in Indiana. Back in 2006, the Grand Victoria Casino and Resort banned a player for counting cards. The gambler made no secret of his good memory and skill in converting the count into accurate predictions about how to bet. In the real world, casinos run card games from a shoe, i.e. they shuffle together multiple packs of cards and stack them into a container. The dealer then pulls the cards from the stack as they are required. This is the favored system because, once the cards have been placed in the shoe, the dealer cannot cheat by sharping cards from the pack or elsewhere. The order in which the cards will be played has been physically fixed. Thus, if someone with a good memory counts the cards as they come out, he or she can work out the probability of when cards of a given value will next come out of the shoe. This technique gives the blackjack player the chance to beat the House edge. The combination of the optimal strategy and counting gives the player the edge. For this reason, casinos routinely throw counters out and ban them from ever playing again. Casinos prefer the House edge to remain in place. Well, that’s all going to change now because a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals said the casino had no legal right to exclude the gambler.

This victory for the scientific gambler is a real milestone. It changes the way in which casinos in Indiana operate. Whether it will apply to other US states will depend on the way their gambling is regulated but, reading through the ruling, it looks as though it should apply in quite a few other states. It would be great if this could also apply to online backjack but the sad truth is the software does not mimic the real world. Unlike the shoe and its shuffled cards, the software uses a random number generator to decide which card comes out next. That means there’s no way to use the past cards dealt as a way of predicting future cards. The act of dealing one card is a uniquely random event, not influenced in any way by what has gone before. So scientifically-minded players will be heading to Indiana over the next few months and looking to make a killing. Those of us playing blackjack online will be relying on the optimum strategy and luck to build our winnings.

6 thoughts on “Can the math help you win

  1. patudin

    I think all individuals returned to the run. mathematics is only one theory or way of counting. but to read the future in this case the gamble many factors that can not be done by the math. especially for the luck. so in my opinion can not just rely on math to win a gambling.

  2. Georaj

    The power of maths is all-pervading and all-encompassing. There is nothing in existence beyond the purview of mathematics.

  3. bundasalma

    Mathematics is more than just theoritical. By using mathematics, a bussinessman could do a complex analysis on his data. Toward making some predictions for future trend.

  4. Tips Make Money Online

    Yes I think Math Can Help Us to win. Before we doing a gamble like ding-dong, or in some other countriues said jackpot, we can make a statistics for each opportunity to get win in each lottery. I f i playing gambling, I choose the most opportunity to be appear, but not the highest pay or bonus if I want to get more money. In retail business also we can use statistics to calculate or to determine what are the fast moving items by using pareto sales. In business also it is likely like gambling if we usingpareto sales to determine what items that really beneficial to be sold.

  5. Ocu Bejan

    I think not. Luck is blind and more often it hits stupid people. Still I’m not complaining about that.

  6. ckf531

    Maths is really useful not just in matter of gambling, but it also help us during our daily activities. Yeah, maybe people will feel so struggle to study and understand Maths, but in fact this subject is really important and it is very useful to us in future.

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