A New Technology In Plasma Television: Making TV Viewing Better

By | January 28, 2010

Plasma screen televisions are only a few inches thick. This provides installation options that were not possible to do before. In addition to table-top stand mounting, you can hang your plasma television on a wall or from the ceiling, allowing you to enjoy home theater impact from a TV that doesn’t dominate floor space.

Conventional televisions by comparison take up far more space and are much more limited in placement flexibility. Current Plasma television models start at 3.25″ deep, and range in size from 37″, 42″, 50″, and now over 60″.

A plasma screen TV is sometimes called an “emissive” display because the panel is actually self-lighting. This TV display consists of two transparent glass panels with a thin layer of pixels sandwiched in between. Each pixel is composed of three gas-filled cells or sub-pixels, one each for red, green and blue.

A grid of tiny electrodes then applies an electric current to the individual cells, causing a gas (a mix of neon and xenon) in each cell to ionize. This ionized gas, or plasma, emits high-frequency UV rays, which stimulate the cells phosphors, and causes them to glow the desired color.

2 thoughts on “A New Technology In Plasma Television: Making TV Viewing Better

  1. punyaux

    i have one at my room,but it still expensive,how about the price for this new stuff..??

  2. jox

    I like plasmas much more than LCDs. On LCD screen the picture looks too digital, but on plasma it looks so much better (colors are so much real)

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