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By | March 3, 2010

When you look at the welcome bonus and all the other benefits from joining an online casino, playing online has real advantages over the real world alternatives. Because the virtual operation does not need a major building and significant number of people to run the games, all that saving can go into financial benefits for members. If you play regularly enough and qualify for VIP membership, you can find the casino more financially generous than through the real world comps. Nevertheless, you still need to play smart to give yourself the best chance of winning more than you lose.

How can you improve your chances of winning? Well, the bad news is you have to study. Even though every spin of the wheel is an independent event and what has happened has no bearing on what will happen, you still have to know all the rules and what the odds are on each bet. This is a game of chance, but which game you decide to play and how you bet can affect the outcome.

As you know from the information contained on other parts of this site, there are two versions of the game. The difference between the two lies in the number of zeros, i.e. if the ball lands on a zero, the house takes some or all of the bets depending on the local rules. In the European version, there is only one zero. This makes the house edge 2.63%. In the American version, there are two zeros. The house edge doubles to 5.26%. Thus, if you have the choice, always play the European version because this gives the house the lowest advantage. Always check the local rules. If the house plays the en prison rule, all even money bets stay on the table for the next spin of the wheel if a zero comes up. This has the effect of further reducing the European house edge to 1.35%, i.e. this version of the game gives you the best chance of winning. Now learn how to calculate the odds and always play the bets giving you the best chance of winning and avoid the bets with the worst odds. The following is a simple guide:

  • single number bets including zero and double zero 35:1
  • two neighboring numbers 17:1
  • any three numbers in a row 11:1
  • any of the four touching numbers in a corner 8:1
  • five numbers, e.g. 1,2,3,0,00 6:1
  • any six numbers in two rows 5:1
  • any twelve numbers in a column 2:1
  • dozens 2:1
  • red/black, odd/even 1:1

Now the choice is yours. If you are playing roulette for “profit”, set yourself a limit on the amount your are prepared to lose. Then play the bets with the bigger returns. If your luck is in and you hit one or two times, take your winnings. You can enjoy the rest of the evening at the casino’s expense. The worst mistake anyone can make is to be seduced by the idea of a hot streak. The reality is clear. If you keep on playing roulette, you will lose all your winnings.

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    im trying to win but not a real fact…im play in texas hold`em poker table,im enjoy that…but if there any rules,it can make us easily play oy not..???
    make rules simply,ok…!!

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    info very useful, thanks .. especially for the less I understand games online


    very good article and nice information about how to play any kind of online game and also how to Get them at Better success in online game. thanks for the useful tips sharing.

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