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Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World

In the Girle Meets World reboot it looks like Ben Savage is playing the popular Cory Matthews role. Officially Ben Savage has joined the amazing and somewhat new cast of Girl Meets World. This is a sequel to the ABC series that ran in the 1990’s named “Boy Meets World”. The Disney Channel chimed in and officially confirmed this.

What I find amazing is that Danielle Fishel (was in Boy Meets World) is coming back to play her previous role as Topanga Lawrence. Although this pilot is still in the formative stage, there’s still a casting search underway for one of the characters. The new show (Girl Meets World) is said to watch Cory (played by Ben Savage) and Topanga’s (played by Danielle Fishel) one daughter named Riley.

Girl Meets World

Who’s behind the Girl Meets World project? None other than the creator of Boy Meets World – Michael Jacobs. At the moment the people in Girl Meets World may include Maya who was Riley’s unique friend.


Driver charged in Disney bus crash

ORLANDO, Florida – There was a driver of a Walt Disney World tour bus that hit the rear end of another tour bus.  This caused injury to the driver along with seven others.  The driver has been ticketed for careless driving.  This whole incident was reported by The Florida Highway Patrol and said the person responsible was Jean Valentin.  Valentin and seven other passengers on the tour bus were injured on March 23rd when the driver supposedly crashed into the tour bus.  The highway patrol said that the tour bus that was improperly stopped on the road was the main factor to the crash.