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Card Counting Device Photo by Edward Thorp

edward thorp photo
A Little About The History of Card Counting

Dr. Edward O. Thorp is widely considered to be one of the original card counters. A while back in the 1962 book, Beat the Dealer, Edward Thorp outlined what became the modern foundation of card counting. The book also presented several theories on how anyone could play strategically correct blackjack. Many people feel that Edward Thorp was ahead of his time and he was one of the first people who knew this talent who actually published his theories and allowed everyone to read them.

You might recognize another famous person in the card counting business – Andy Bloch. In today’s widely publicized poker tournaments you’ll see him everywhere. What you might not know is that he was also part of the M.I.T. blackjack team and subsequently released a card counting DVD system called Beating Blackjack. Andy Bloch was featured in the 2005 blackjack documentary “The Hot Shoe”. In this documentary Layton interviews several card counters such as Edward Thorp and Andy Bloch to gather more information on it. Whenever they were making the movie Layton used the knowledge and insight that he received from the interviews and gambled $5,000 of the film budget.


Max Rubin

Max Rubin - Blackjack Hall of Fame

Max is the author of Comp City, first published in 1994, with an expanded second edition published in 2002. In this groundbreaking book, Max exposed techniques even non-counting players could use to get an advantage over the casinos by exploiting weaknesses in the casinos’ comp systems. Max’s inside information came from his years of experience in the industry as a dealer, pit boss, and casino manager. Max still does consulting work for the Barona Casino in California.

The initial manuscript for Comp City included advanced comp-hustling techniques that could be used by professional card counters, but the editors at Huntington Press decided to delete this section from the book in order to appeal to the wider market of recreational players. These excluded portions were published in Blackjack Forum in June 1994, and can be found now in the BlackjackForumOnline.com Library.

In the mid-1990s, he started hosting the Blackjack Ball, a secret annual event for professional players, where he serves as Game Master as many of the top pros compete for the Blackjack Cup and the title of World’s Best Blackjack Player.

Now, as a host of the Game Show Network’s World Series of Blackjack, Max Rubin has become one of the most visible public advocates of professional players.