Angus T. Jones

Angus T. Jones

Angus T. Jones from Two and a Half Men has just found religion and goes against the grain (and his paycheck) saying the show is filth. So first you have Sheen who loses it and now Angus T. Jones goes off the deep end. If I were an executive on the show I’d make everyone sign an agreement that they can’t bad mouth the show or anything related to it.

I just don’t get how someone like Angus T. Jones can make millions from a show, record a very negative video stating religious beliefs, call the show pure filth, and still expect to have a job. Why doesn’t Two And A Half Men dump him?

Angus T. Jones

The show still has quite a following and for someone like Angus T. Jones to tell people to stop watching just seems stupid. He did a YouTube video for Forerunner Christian Church (never heard of them) and he blatantly tells everyone watching the Youtube video to stop watching the show. Ok…so you find religion, the Bible, or whatever – why the hell would you shoot your income in the foot? I give… Please just let Angus T. Jones off the hook and boot him off the show!

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